Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Lots gone on today, I don't whether I'm coming or going.  

Transplant clinic was first up and all went well, although won't get results until tomorrow but I'm sure they'll be fine.  I asked the doc today about Coronavirus, not that I'm worried but it's causing my parents some stress.  Because I'm on immunosupressants if I was to get it, it would be worse because my immune system is already down and not firing on all cylinders.  He said just to take care and look after the hand hygiene etc, which I already do.

Busy day with working, but a few more things ticked off my massive to-do list.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Blue skies, however short, and wonderful nature such as these daffs
2.  A positive day with work
3.  Losing weight at clinic.  Whohoo!

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