Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Down the Kent

The view down the estuary, past the former Milnthorpe port from the old railway embankment at Sandside and towards the setting sun. I went down to the shore to scavenge a few pieces of firewood brought down the Bela and the Kent by recent high river levels. Not shown in this photo, there are whole trees scattered on the mudflats, as well as, curiously, large pieces of tree branches that have been cut by a saw. Most were far too large to carry home.

It was the best day we've had for what seems like weeks, bright and even warmish out of the wind. There was a smattering of snow first thing on top of Arnside Knott from the overnight wintry showers, and the first proper glimpse of a dawn sun. Gus was much happier than on Monday in the slush.  The birch trees glittered in the sunshine with water droplets on every bud - and quite impossible to do any justice to with a photograph.

Wifie has a lot of preparation to do for a workshop she is running on Sunday, so we have postponed yet again our trip to East Yorkshire.

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