By Bom

Did you hear the news?

I took this photo at the pond at Salthouse where it looked like these two gulls were having a gossip. Perhaps they've heard about the victory for environmentalists on stopping the third runway at Heathrow unless it fits with the UK's climate policy.

I was driving home from a good talk at Cley about the global crisis for biodiversity. I learnt some more shocking facts such as the average decline in all populations is 60% over the last 50 years (humans excepted of course, we've more than doubled). I also had some hope in the fact that only 6% of the World population has ever flown, so hopefully we can keep it to that level or hopefully reduce it. He told us his personal top 10 resolutions and I'm adopting several, the one with the most impact is committing to halving my own personal carbon footprint over the next 10 years. As he said, it's not about doing what we can, but doing what we must

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