a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Bristol's Light Festival started this evening. This is the curving bridge to Castle Park taken with the iPhone at 6pm.  I suspect that the effect was probably a little more visually exciting once it was properly dark.  The festival is on for the next few days so I hope to get. a few more shots - Bish if you are interested?

But this evening, having taken this shot I had to skidaddle to the black tie charity function in aid of a children's charity at the Ashton Gate stadium.  650 people packed into a room with Kevin Keegan.  I won't be doing many, if any, more of these given that I retire in 5 weeks time, so I went with good grace and tried to enjoy it for what it was.

Tomorrow I shall be trying to fight my way into Bristol on public transport.  I say "fight" because Greta Thundberg is in Bristol and we are expecting there to be a significant number of people coming into the City to see/support her.  Exact numbers are guesswork, but the City Council was suggesting that there might be as many as 25,000 marching through the City.  If public transport doesn't let me down I shall let you know what I thought ...

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