a lifetime burning

By Sheol

... the world is on fire

"Our leaders behave like children so it falls to us to be the adults in the room. They are failing us but we will not back down.  It should not be this way but we have to tell the uncomfortable truth. They sweep their mess under the rug and ask children to clean up for them. This emergency is being completely ignored by the politicians, the media and those in power.  Basically, nothing is being done to halt this crisis despite all the beautiful words and promises from our elected officials.So what did you do during this crucial time? I will not be silenced when the world is on fire."

Greta Thunberg

As you can see from the main shot from today's climate protest in Bristol, the world may very well be on fire metaphorically, but here in the South West the rain was actually bucketing down.  Despite that, Greta Thunberg addressed a large albeit soggy crowd on College Green in Bristol this morning.  I'm not sure how many were there, I suspect that it was more than the 22,000 estimated by the police.  That's not at all bad considering the terrible weather conditions. There was a good mix of age groups but undoubtedly the younger part of the age spectrum were there in large numbers - and its good to see that they care and want to make the older generations do something about things before it is too late.

The crowd was well behaved and considerate as they waited for Greta to speak.  I was not sure what to expect.  Greta is physically a small person, but she is undoubtedly very impressive and spoke briefly but powerfully. 

I've put up two extras:
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