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Shaw memorial

Back blip.

This morning I woke up in my little hotel after a troubled sleep. It's a perfectly okay place, except the road noise is dreadful and never ending...

I took the bus up to Shaw, which was interesting as the real time information provided by First Manchester may be real time, but it's not real life, the bus was due for almost 15 minutes before it actually arrived. The traffic wasn't heavy, the bus wasn't full and it wasn't rush hour so I've no idea why the bus was so late, and the live bus information was so inaccurate.

I went into see my dad at the nursing home and had a longer chat with him and a long chat with the nursing staff. They can't say how long he will last, could be days, weeks or months as the condition is totally unpredictable, and he shouldn't in be pain most of the time, though he will gradually find it harder and harder to stay awake. I made sure they had my phone number and my brother's phone number on record, but as both of us live nearly a day away, neither of us are going to make it back in time if anything happens suddenly.

After my visit, I went into town to find something to eat and then took the bus back to the hotel. Today's blip the War Memorial in Shaw, in the Memorial Gardens. Like many towns in the North, they were once rich and prosperous, and many fine buildings were built. If you strip away the decades of neglect, many things are beautiful and impressive. This war memorial is large and very grand, though with a camera phone and a lot of back light, not that well photographed.

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