By flavia13


I've no idea where that quote comes from but I've seen it a few times lately!!!!

Lovely day today. Went to a Qi Gong/Dai Yin (sort of Tai Chi) run by C at Lindale Village Hall.  It was fabulous - the best yet - and they're all good.  Met a couple of old friends there as well as made some new ones.  Such a lovely session and I managed to do most of it as well, (sort of).  We had a break with fresh coffee (or tea if you wished) with some lovely homemade cakes, biscuits and fruit.

I saw this single beautiful crocus in one of our pots on the balcony - it was so lovely so decided that would be my blip for today.

I hope you are all OK, thank you for dropping by.  Take care, stay safe and see you tomorrow.

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