By flavia13


Popped up to Bowness this morning, just for a couple of bits of shopping and took this whilst there, it is up by the top Car Park outside the cafe there and I thought it would be ideal for Silly Saturday.  |It also reminded me of the 1960s TV series with Roger Moore - The Saint (minus the halo of course)!!!

This is my entry for Silly Saturday and many thanks to Admirer for hosting.

Then came home and got stuck into some boring household chores - sadly they do need doing.

We then became children again and watched Disney's "Pinocchio" as G had never seen it.  I'd forgotten just how lovely it was and it's now 80 YEARS OLD.  Do you know they can make cartoon films these days with computers in a fraction of the time and use much less staff, but they can't re-create that sort of magic.  Truly amazing, such a wonderful story, fantastic songs and amazing animation.  Each scene is like a litle painting.

Hope Storm Jorge does not affect any of you and does not any more damage to the country.  My heart goes out so much to those affected - a flood area the size of Lake Windermere in East Yorkshire, something really has to be done.

Take care everyone, stay safe and take care of yourself.  Many thanks for continuing to drop by.

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