An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bead counters...

By the time I made it downstairs this morning David and Adrian were off to the moor with Lola and Agnes was watching tv.  Oh dear.  Terrible host I am!

They'd all had a quick bowl of cereal, but when the guys and Lola arrived back from the moor, cold and very wet, I had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and a pot of coffee at the ready.  I think my tardiness was forgiven :-))

Early afternoon, just before Agnes and Adrian headed off, I spent a little time photographing some of Agnes's jewellery.  She's hoping to open an Etsy shop and a Facebook page to sell her jewellery so we had a quick play photographing a little of what she's done. 

This was quite impromptu so no props to hand but once she's got a wider range of pieces I have offered to photograph them for her and spend some proper time thinking about how best to display them.  Hopefully outside in nature, depending on the pieces.  Should be fun.  I'm looking forward to it.  I also have a more complicated set up in mind but it may not work.  If it does I will no doubt blip it at the time, but will say no more at the moment.

Final push in the clear out of the study over the rest of the day.  Hopefully I will be able to get in over the next few days and finish off my own clear out and get things filed away properly, then we can tick another task as complete.  Woo hoo.

We have our friends from Skye and their two little girls coming to stay next Saturday till the following Tuesday so just starting to get my head around their visit and what supplies I shall have to buy.

In other news, we have booked two lovely holiday cottages for David, Lola and me.  One in July, up in the north east of Scotland near Tain, and the other near Bamburgh in Northumberland at the end of August.  Looking forward to staying in both and over the moon that Lola can come too :-)))

Ooooh and look at's the 1st of March already!!! 

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