An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

When is a scone not a scone?


When it's-gone!!!  Hahahahahaha...sometimes I amuse myself even if I don't amuse anyone else.

The gold course was closed today due to the weather so Adrian and David went to the driving range instead.  Agnes came here and we had lunch together and a lovely catch up, before spending a lovely afternoon indulging in our favourite hobbies together...her making jewellery and me painting.

The afternoon flew past and in the blink of an eye David and Adrian returned and at 6.30pm we headed out to have dinner at our local favourite deli.

I laughed when I saw the lonely scone with the title Scone of the Day beside it.  I am sure they must have started out with more :-)

As ever we had a fabulous meal, the food really is exceptional, before heading home and deciding to watch a film.  Out of all the great films we could have chosen, we went with Unthinkable.  Oh dear.  What a load of rubbish.  Still the G&T was good so all was not lost :-)

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