Photos from A Field

By RandallFriesen

The Band Played On

So, we are a rural church on the prairies in Alberta Canada, and these churches are not suppose to be making it. The neighbouring church is having trouble keeping the doors open, and one further down the road closed a few years ago. But some how, by grace that is greater than our ability, we are thriving.

There are different measurements of "thriving." But one that I like to point to is the average age of our musicians and music leaders. That age is dropping quickly. Today a twelve year old gal played the ukulele. Last week an eleven year old guy played the piano and each week we have a band leading us in worship.

This is because we believe that they are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today, with us all. So they have a place here among us.

Hopefully there is another 125 years left in our future.
And there will be if that grace continues. 

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