Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

MOTF on a [very] foggy morning


The new work week started with thick fog that didn't clear until gone 9 am! G took a slightly different angle of this iconic building as we drove past it. We didn't have Diane in the car today. I dropped G off, and then picked Diane up. She drove with me to the Peugeot garage so it can have the thread fixed so I can get the oil changed.

As the days are warming up, we have decided to do "Mall" walks i.e. walk in large air-conditioned buildings. However, we actually did a few chores and I couldn't believe that Diane had to drink up her coffee quickly as it was time to pick G up.

We had our customary shawarmas by the sea. You've got to do these things while you can. The weather was absolutely perfect. Not hot, not cold with a beautiful breeze. The food was good too. It's just the bare bodies of some people that took the edge of what would otherwise be a very pleasant way to spend an hour! :D

Back home and G's lesson didn't happen again today on account of the kids travelling back to Switzerland having spent a week here. G had met them on Thursday in school.

We picked up the Peugeot. I was told there was nothing wrong with the thread. That annoyed me as it has ended up costing me more to have the oil and filter changed at the dealer. Oh well. We went to Festival City to do a shop at Carrefour. They have some amazing promotions on cooking items thanks to the Food Festival.

And if the oil change wasn't enough of a challenge, the car-not-starting incident on Friday afternoon had resulted in me paying the local mechanic - Adnan an advance for a new battery connector to be fitted. He was supposed to have done the job yesterday, but I didn't hear from him, so today, we made sure he delivered on his promise.

I wasn't pleased to have to leave my keys with his assistant, but hey ho. I waited a few hours expecting a call to say the work was completed, but no, nothing came, so I went down. Well, the job was done, but it was such shoddy workmanship, I insisted they do a better job. This resulted in having to wait over an hour downstairs but it was worth it if only to see the cat that jumped onto the engine to have a good look under the bonnet! I tried to get a picture but it jumped off when it saw me.

It took a while for Adnan to finish the job as he had to source some of the tools he needed, and he did a much more professional looking job. I think secretly he was pleased as well that someone had insisted he deliver better quality work. We parted company with me still being able to get his help with the car if needed. Phew.

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