Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This is the only picture I've taken today.

Have you heard the saying, "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first?" Today felt a bit like that, except, in reality, it hasn't been a bad day at all.

My day felt void of work; I was supposed to be there for four hours (my new March agreement is four hours a day, Monday to Wednesday) but left after two because I, er, finished what I needed to do! I had to get a taxi home as a result, as Monday's are G's longest days at work.

Many hours got spent tidying up a Word document which someone else had created of the Order of Service for the [Women's] World Day of Prayer. I would have saved time been better off starting from scratch.

G did a stir fry for dinner, followed by the dessert which I've blipped. I love meringue nests. :D

Oh, and we have been told that AWANA is cancelled for the next two Thursdays on account of the Coronavirus. Hmmm, I thought I'd be over the moon, but I'm actually going to miss those little terrors angels! I guess it gives me the chance to go and listen to Madness.

GK over and out...

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