Weird weather and no water

Another day of mixed weather. Chucking it down when we came out of the gym, then more of it after lunch, then brilliant sunshine when we went down to do a bit of shopping in the town. While Mrs M was in M&S I thought I would prove the point that there is always a picture to be had wherever you are and whatever the weather, so I hung about the car park and took a lot of pictures, but eventually opted for another shipping picture. At the pier is my old friend 'Havgull', from Orkney, and 'Settler' from Shetland and disappearing beyond the 'Lady of Lorn' is the good ship 'Isle of Lewis', bound for Barra. I'll stick a car park picture on as an extra in case anyone is a fan of fake grass! The conical trees, however, are real!

We've had no water since 1pm - another burst water main, probably the 4th in the last couple of years, all in the same place. I've been on to Scottish Water trying to persuade them to bring a load of bottled water as they usually do. In these days of tankless water systems you have nothing to fall back on. All very annoying. Fortunately I have a few bottles of water from the last burst, so can make a cup of tea even if we can't wash up!

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