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Who commissioned these figures?

I did well today. After washing Mum's hair, before JoAnne came to cut and set it, I went into Hexham. I started at the tip with a few bags and bits of glass. Then I parked opposite the Tynedale Hospice at Home shop with boxes of books and some clothes. I nearly stopped the traffic because the shop is beside a set of traffic lights. Not easy.

Lunch was in the Rising Café. 

By 1230, I had also seen the current exhibition of bird drawings and poetry in the Queens Hall and I was settled in my seat for the lunchtime performance of Parasite.  I had not read anything about the film and had no idea of the plot. It was quite a surprise to have a black comedy played out in front of my eyes.

The lady next to me thought she had booked for Emma and we agreed that this was just a bit different!

I popped into Hexham Abbey to find a blip. Here are some of the carvings on the tomb of Rowland Leschmann, Prior of Hexham Abbey between 1480 and 1491. The top row of figures are typical Biblical ones, but the bottom row contain "more playful and irreverent themes. Who decided the themes? Was it the stone mason? Was it the person who commissioned the tomb? There is no information immediately available. I will need to ask Margret (next door) who acts as a guide in the Abbey.

Home to roast a chicken and then we have watched Last Tango in Halifax. Hilarious nonsense and we like it.

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