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By walkingMarj

Poor Oscar

I was up and nearly awake at 0630 to give Oscar his sedation. He took it in some meat and nearly finished it.

Margaret (across the road) came to help me put him in his basket. He was still very frisky and scared at 0815 and we had a hard job to catch him. At one point he spread-eagled himself against a glass door as if he was a cartoon cat. I picked him up by the scruff and Margaret closed the basket door. We had to use extra cable ties and string to stop him bashing his way out of the basket.

Off to the vet. It is a closed surgery at the moment, so brief consultations occur in the carpark. Oscar had xrays, bloods,  and then surgery. The bone of one "finger" (sic) was hanging off and had to be removed.  The paw was stitched together.

He came home looking adorable with a royal blue ruff to stop him getting at the paw. By the time we arrived he had removed it!!

Since then he has hidden and not in his usual places. He was in the bottom of a fitted wardrobe where he and Daisy lived when they first came here. When I tried to persuade him to eat tonight, i.e. take his painkillers in the food, he refused and weed in the wardrobe. I keep clothes and balls of wool and goodness knows what else there.


Tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for all your concern and good wishes for Oscar.

It's not much fun having a poorly cat.

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