Hard work

Up early this morning to get some stuff cleared before heading out. I went to Weybridge to have a chat with a colleague and jolly nice it was too. The traffic was fine on the way there but a bit lumpy on the return, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about jobs I've had where I'd commute a good deal further round the M25 each and every day - there isn't enough money in the world to get me to do that now.

On the subject of money. Listening to the wireless in the car I heard an interview with someone described as an "Influencer". It would appear that this job involves posting to Instagram and raking in shedloads of cash - it seems that folk are fighting to push money at Influencers, yesterday an Influencer mentioned that he'd been offered a car but turned it down because he doesn't drive. Today the Influencer was saying how difficult it was to post photos of her child in a child-seat because some of her followers would post criticism of how the seat is fixed or something. Okay so here it is. I can drive and will happily consider a free car (though I want to keep my current car too!), I do not have a child who would fit in a child-seat. I post images to Instagram. I'm happy to accept payment in cash, cheques, or Green Shield stamps. I'll take some of this Influencer action because, to be frank, it doesn't sound like the hardest way to earn a crust. I've worked as a grill chef in busy Berni Inns, I've counted cash and coffins in funeral directors' offices, and I've done cold selling door-to-door; being an Influencer looks like a doddle. If anyone knows where to get an application form I reckon I can do it a couple of evenings a week and I'll sit back and let the wealth roll in.

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