By Missycat

TinyTuesday249 Sunshine and showers

Today began very sunny, became cloudy and even rained, more than once, before the skies cleared again.  I took this, dashing out into the back garden between showers.
This morning I took Violet to her before school play therapy session assisted by daughter #1: even at 8am, parking is a challenge outside the school which was built in Victorian times when of course folk didn't have cars.  I then had morning coffee with my friend H and this evening collected Violet from her after school childminder, assisted this time by Mr MC, who came home from work early.  Parking can be difficult in the road she is collected from and tonight was especially so, so I was glad of another person: one to drive and find a  parking place  and one to dash out and collect her.
Apparently V was not too well  at school and had a coughing fit at the childminders, so we feel obliged to err on the side of caution and keep her at home, again, tomorrow.

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