A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Medallion Men

Yesterday's hunting (still in vain) threw up some more Curious Assets.

Mediatek was the last company I worked for before moving to Malvern and a life of breakfasts.  You probably won't have heard of Mediatek but you will have their products.  (Anyone old enough to remember the Berger adverts on TV?). They make silicon chips and essentially every CD, DVD, etc. reader will have one of theirs in (hence media tech).  

By the time they brought the company I was working for they were making mobile phone chips, mainly for Android platforms.  Anyway, for a while there was a bit of a thing that when a new chip was launched everyone working on it got a "medal".

We had many, slightly distressing, mental images of having to wear big corporate medallions and to look pleased about it.

There was some not insignificant relief when the 'medals' arrived and turned out to be a USB charger (left) and a radio (right).

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