A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

On The Pull

Former guest and now local friend E is a keen 'strongwoman'.  Some time ago she had the 'bright idea' of going for the Guinness World Record for how far you can pull a car in 24 hours - as you do (but normally only when very drunk and will have forgotten about it the next morning).

Anyway... starting yesterday, with a necessary break overnight, and continuing today, here we are - doing circuits of a section of road down at the showground (the levellest bit they could find).  You will notice that is not a small car.

10.5 miles achieved, and £1500+ raised for a local hospice.

Earlier this year that would have smashed the world record of ~3km.  Frustratingly, 6 weeks ago, someone extended that to 30+km.

Still, E's still the well deserved world record holder for doing daft things in Malvern.

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