Psalmist with a camera

By jellyfox

Wind Towers Take 2!

Today we had business to accomplish in Sharjah the next Emirate somewhat to the north of Dubai.

A very conservative Emirate in comparison to Dubai, Sharjah was indebted in its early years of development to finances from Saudia Arabia. This fact kept it, understandably, very 'quaint and villagy' with some fascinating low rise homes and souk areas. Once all the debts were paid up, it began to rise, like the phoenix, and build tall!!

The Blue Souk is perhaps the most famous of its landmarks and houses some of the regions most amazing Persian carpet shops which are always well worth a visit. It is also home to some of the most colourful ladies dresses and abayas more commonly associated with Egypt. Not to be outdone in fashion, I even spotted a sheepskin bisht, ( the outer cloak worn by the men), on sale outside one store, obviously very much in demand to help combat our cold harsh winters!!!

Up until a few years ago, these beautiful wind towers were the only air conditioning the souk had to help cool down the environment using the breezes coming off the Persian Gulf. To think of visiting during the summer months was a thought that needed to be very carefully considered!

Today, the souk is now fully air conditioned in the most modern of ways, so these wonderfully decorative wind towers, as with all wind towers before them, are well and truly retired!!!

Happy Blipping Everyone!

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