By Teasel

Pedestrian Crossing

An early start and then a two hour phone call.  I felt like my day was starting all over again when I emerged from that.  I had hoped for a  quieter week this week, but today was busy, though not as pressured as in recent times – which makes a huge difference.

I eventually managed half an hour away from desk in the early afternoon and then came back and had a late lunch as I caught up with emails.  And the urgent email requests kept coming until I left this evening.

It took ages to get home.  Edinburgh was busy.  There was football and a road was closed, with a diversion in place.  The traffic was really snarled up.  I eventually made it home, forty minutes later than I expected, had my tea and then had to head out to get some provisions for BB, who declared he needs a packed lunch tomorrow.  At least I got some steps!

I took this for the ghost sign, which you can barely read.  Under the broken sign it says wine and spirits merchant.  However, it is a sign of the time, with the girl in the facemask waiting to cross the road.

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