By flavia13

LOVE ISLAND..........????

NO not the awful (just my opinion) TV programme but Piel Island looking "love"ly in the sunshine - even though somewhat hazy.

Had a lovely blip-meet the CumbriaLass and her gorgeous dog Fletch.  Fletch was very excited to see me, which was so lovely.

We started off in Rampside and went for a stroll along Westfield Nature Trail.  It's a really lovely gentle walk with loads of photographic opportunities and I would never have known it was there if CumbriaLass hadn't shown me.  Having a good chat along the way of course.

Westfield Nature Trail
Rampside Ramble

We the went along to Roa Island, had a short stroll through the village ad sat down overlooking the above view in the warm sunshine watching boats coming and going.

We went into the Bosun's Locker for coffee and lunch (a good job K had booked as it was full) and a further chat.

We then turned right out of the Bosun's Locker for a short stroll down to the muddy beach overlooking Foulsey Island (which I didn't know until K told me) and then crossed over the road and down past the Old Custom's House (a little castellated tower) which I've blipped before to look over the sea towards Barrow on our right.

After a fond farewell, knocking elbows not hugging (aaarrgghhh which I hate as I am a natural hugger) before heading home.  Looking forward to the next meeting in the not too distant future I hope.

A really lovely day and just what was needed to take my mind off the news going on at the moment.

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