By misswinterfinch

Geese by the River

A sunny yet cold Saturday. I drove past the geese grazing on the old soccer field as I made my way to the Saturday Farmer's Market. When I saw this I turned and drove up as close as I could to take a photo. 
Two days ago this field was covered in overflowing river water. The Chenango River is still over its banks, those trees mark the water's edge. The birds like going for a swim there and nibbling on the soggy grass.
During the night I could hear the Canada geese honking their way across the sky as they moved from one grazing ground to another. It was rather like a lullaby... a springtime song.
I did not bring my camera to the indoor market since I knew I would like this one for my blip. I got to buy some of my favorite eggs. Although there were no pies, which I would have liked, someone was selling her Worm Castings. They are great for soil improvement. I am going to plant some large pots this year.
The beekeepers had several tables set up. It must have been an excellent summer for honey. Some early maple syrup was out on sale too.
Spring is on its way and the clocks spring forward one hour tonight.

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