A day in the life

By Shelling

Western winds

Bengt and I rehearsed, or played through our program from beginning to end this morning and it's going to be fine, provided Bengts fever is as low as possible. You will hear about it tomorrow.

Nice sunny day today, so after I had a guitar student this afternoon I did a five km walk in the wind. It was really exciting. and as you can see the grass lay flat. Gusts around 20m/s had made some of the sick ash trees fall across roads and paths. Good that they come down, hopefully when nobody is near. Despite many trees has fallen nobody has been reported injured. 

Now for the last part of the last film in the Peter Jackson/Tolkien series of the Hobbit and The lord of the rings. It's taken me a month (not every day) to watch all of it with all the extended extra material. Interesting, but I've had my share for at least a year now. If I ever do it again.

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