Out and About

By Puffin

No trafficators

It was absolutely freezing today and blowing a hoolie. Continued my exploration of local indoor places. I'm sure my parents had one of these when I was small but I also remember that the car had indicator arms that we had to bash on the side to get them to go up and this car has proper lights. Further research reveals I am remembering a Austin A30 which had "trafficators" operated by a knob on the dashboard. I can picture it now.   This is an A35. They look very similar. The A30 was made 1952 - 1956, replaced by the A35 which must have been more successful because it carried on being made until 1968.  I expect it was the trafficators that were the death knell of the A30. What would you do if you were driving along , the left hand arm fails to go up and there is no child in the back to do the bashing. It was a great museum, I will go again.

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