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By keibr

Smitingen Bench

We decided to drive somewhere and walk today, because we were getting a little bored with the local walks from home.
The beach at Smitingen was the chosen destination. We had a lovely time, first sitting in the sun on the beach itself, then walking to the nearby lake and enjoying a fire while we drank our coffee.
I have a blip series of the benches on the beach, Smitingenbench, taken at different times of year, sometimes with different people sitting on the benches. Today I was intrigued to find this bench buried in the sand. I think the winter storms threw a lot of sand up the beach and this bench was just a little too near the shoreline.
It looks almost summery, apart from the patches of snow. It was warm for March, +5°C in the air, so with no wind and a bright sun the gloves and hats were put away and the down jacket unzipped.
A lovely day!
I also posted a backblip for the 2 March, when I was skiing in the Dolomites.

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