Wild Wednesday ...

.... living up to it's name again.

I apologize in advance ... but this will be a long write up today!

Yes .... today was definitely a wild one.  Starting almost the moment I got up with a text from R saying he forgot something that he needed for work and asking me if I wouldn't mind meeting him somewhere in between home and work.  Of course I didn't mind .... that's what loved ones do for each other.  But it changed my usual morning routine and pushed back the morning errands I had planned. 

One of my errands today was to go the the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) as Pennsylvania's driver's licenses don't comply with the Real ID that's required for TSA at most airports.  Even though we have passports which can be used instead of the Real ID licenses we don't like to take them when we travel domestically.  So ... today I went to update my current license to the Real ID license .... for fee of course.  The first DMV office I went to said they don't process the Real ID and I had to go to a full service DMV.  Since I had planned to do this first before running my other errands in the same vicinity this complicated things a bit. And added time and travel to my errand run. I don't even want to look at my Google Maps timeline for the day!

I was able to get the other errands done that I had planned without incident before heading to the other DMV office to take care of the Real ID licensing.  It was some distance and I think I hit every red light going there but once at the DMV I was in and out of there within 35 minutes. I really had expected it to take longer as the DMV was quite busy. 

To cap off my morning errands (which now stretched into the afternoon!) .... on the way home I got stuck behind a verrry sloooow moving tractor ... which you can see in my collage!  Thankfully I was near Louise Moore Park so I pulled into the parking and sat for about 5 minutes just to meditate for a bit.  And to let the tractor get ahead of me .... once I started back out for home I didn't encounter it again. 

Once I returned home Cheddar and I had some lunch and then I went out to the backyard to commune with nature .... just the thing when you are having a wild day.  I was lucky enough to see a wide variety of birds .... including these in my collage.  Clockwise starting in the upper left corner: Common Grackle, Dark-eyed Junco, Black-capped Chickadee, Blue Jay, a shop keeper jokingly selling toilet paper for $25 a roll (too funny!), Eastern gray squirrel, Carolina Wren and another squirrel.  I also saw an American robin, Northern cardinal and a red-tailed hawk ... plus multiple sparrows and finches. 

The afternoon spent photographing the wildlife was just what I needed .... so calming.  


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