"All the right jobs...

"but not necessarily in the right order" © E Morecambe.
Monday - the SKY© bloke sorted the box and I can now see what's on over the night, before it starts.
Tuesday - rain stopped play and I actually got a sort of "Day off"
Wednesday a.m. - the Tuesday bloke turned up and did a marvellous job.
Wednesday p.m. - the Wednesday bloke turned up; but I had used a couple of my extras, so kept the SKY© event back.
Thurday - p.m. bro-bonding with Jerra.
Friday - a.m. "wrinkly swimming" (Really, more aquarobics and a bit of free-time after)  - p.m. "Mark the Windows" came for a look at The Wagon.
They say things come in threes; not for me; they gang up on me in droves.
Wagon internal lights "on the blink"; Wagon refused to start, despite having been on a charger designed to be on 24/7 until needed to drive away.

ROLL ON Saturday the 14th.

OH! The Blip? More Miniaturisation.
Upstanding - the old and the new "Zappers"
On the box - the old SKY box.
In "the hole" - the new SKY box for comparison.
I've just noticed - you can now see the hole in the back and a bit of curtain gthe old box easily hid.

All just so I have a record of "when".

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