Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The commute

Well we all survived Friday the 13th!

The P & O Pacific Explorer was leaving port just as we were leaving Barangaroo on the ferry this evening.  We had to skirt around it and it's tug and for memory, this was the first time I have been going home as a cruise ship was leaving since I have been working in Sydney.

This is a typical commute.  99.9% of the passengers will either be on their phones in some description. 

It was then back up the M1 home to Newie.  I got an email when I got home to say not to visit the nursing home because of the covid19 virus.  Not that anyone in the nursing home has it or I have been exposed, simply it is a measure of precaution.   I don't remember the swine flu being as globally affecting our daily lives as this one,  It's crazy.  No gatherings allowed of more than 500 people.  Sporting events cancelled.  I wonder if the Olympics will be cancelled too.

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