Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

EB moon blip and TT results

I noticed this setting moon early this morning.  In between showers.  The weather improved but my day was rather difficult.  To cap it all someone on our floor sitting not too far away from me has had indirect contact with the covid19 virus.   They have been sent home to self isolate.  It is all a probable beat up but now we have to take our lap tops home with us each day in case we have to work from home.  The office was practically empty.   I will be going in tomorrow unless I am told not to.  They poor cleaners, masked and gloved have to disinfect all the desks.  I guess it was only a matter of time.  It seems to be spreading exponentially.  Eventually it will taper off but for the moment there is still a lot of fear and irrational behaviour going on.

Enough of a rant about the silly world and time to get down to business for TT results this week.

In no particular order:

Carolinas beach
Bikerbears Iris
Isbis drops and dandelion
Anniebelles fiddleheads
Crispin25 ladybird and aphid (heart to come)

Next week an optional theme will be Irish, green or something holy to fit in with St Patrick's day.

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