By rainie

Heading for the HIlls

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As I mentioned yesterday I was "heading for the hills"  - well here I am.  We are up on the side of Fox Peak, staying with friends in a batch called Foxhole.  Very basic, but comfortable, warm and inviting.  The views are to die for, and choices are too many.....
.....I've gone for this one, taken from the batch looking out and across the mountains.  The haze isn't fog but smoke.....take a look at the extra, that will explain it.
We're hoping it is still lingering to enhance the sunrise in the morning.
We've spent the afternoon photography alpine treasures, although a little late in the season for many.  My macro has had a good work out.

Good to get away from all the virus scenarios that is taking over the airways and our lives.
Today our Government has banned travellers from visiting, and if they do they have to self isolate for two weeks.  Its just chaos.


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