By rainie


To see this scene in day time, scroll back to yesterday, which will explain were I am.....I've just back blipped.

I had a terrible sleep, so was very pleased when dawn came and this 
amazing scene presented to us.
A sea of clouds with an orange glow before the actual sunrise.  
The two in extra are worth a look too, one taken just after the sun had risen, lighting up parts of the clouds, the other one is later in the day when we walked to the south basin,  taken while manoeuvring  a scree of shingle and slate.  The walk well worth it, I certainly earned lunch. The clouds lingered all day, but we were above them and mostly in sunshine.
As we travelled down the access road (this is a private ski field) we encountered the fog but once down the base it was just cloudy.  
We did some long exposures on the waterfalls halfway down which is always fun.  Very tired tonight, off to bed early.

The news is all gloom for travellers far and wide.  What a mess this all is, our world has virtually stopped.  Millions of people are caught up in this disaster.....sports, conventions, holidays (me), weddings and then there are all the industries, companies both large and small that are affected and laying off staff.  Grim times.
Our government on Tuesday is announcing a HUGE financial package for those in great need.  Oh dear me.


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