By rainie

Sacred Heart Basilica

Firstly, my sincere thanks for so many wonderful and thoughtful comments, stars and hearts on my 4000 blip yesterday, really you are the most kind and generous group of blip friends one could ever wish for.  I am gob-smacked, thank you.

Today is the two year anniversary of the horrendous terror attack that took so many lives of our Muslim community in Christchurch.  Going through this again, sends chills through me, and a tear or two has been wiped away.  The murderer (name to be never mentioned) is serving life imprisonment without parole. 
On a much brighter note this afternoon, our little group of five were taken through the Basilica by Father Chris, we photographed the interior while he played the organ for us, so beautiful.  Then we went up many stairs of various kind to the upper floors, into the bell tower, and into the dome which we were able to walk around (just).  Incredible experience, and so appreciative and fortunate to do this.  We scrambled through small openings, literally climbed almost vertical stairs, some spiral, some wooden, some concrete, some brick and bonus we all made it safely back again.  So lucky, this is an incredibly beautiful building, which has recently been earthquake strengthened at great cost. I've popped a iPhone collage as extra just to give you an idea where we went to.

Americas Cup - OMG by the time those two races were over I was wrecked, talk about stressful and eventful.  However, I won't bore you with the details but just to say our team came away with two very lucky wins.  Score NZ 5, Italy 3.


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