Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Keep On Rollin'

I hadn't intended to become the kinda person that snaffles up loo rolls like some mad toilet dwelling monster, however I have sort of had to today. Rich and I popped out to get some provisions for the house, which included some much needed loo roll (I'll admit, I go through a fair bit of bog roll anyway as I'm, er, let's just say regular, but I use much more when I'm on my period). We went to Aldi first for food and such; no loo roll there. None at Poundland either, or the Co-Op or Well Pharmacy or Lloyds. I managed to snag these 6 Andrex at the local corner shop, who happily have a fairly good stock of slightly worse quality loo roll should the need arise. Seeing the empty shelves in all the stores though did have me worrying a bit for the upcoming weeks, especially for those in more vulnerable positions who maybe can't go from store to store in the way I can. I'm also a tad concerned as none of those stores had the sanitary towels I use in stock either, so I'm really hoping that Superdrug or Boots have them on Monday when I nip in after work...

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