Over The Top

I had intended to leave the house at some point today, maybe go grab some essentials or have a little Pokémon hunt, however my monthlies put the kibosh on those plans as I woke riddled with stomach cramps and back ache. Instead, I became one with the sofa and made some very good headway with my Bookworm Challenge for charity. I finished The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, which was the final part of a trilogy I didn't really want to end, as well as ploughing through the whole of Over The Top by Jonathan Van Ness. He writes pretty much exactly how he speaks which I rather loved, but overall I wasn't too impressed by the book. It seemed to skirt around a lot of stuff, both heavy and not so heavy, without ever really going anywhere. That's 4 books done in just over a week of the challenge though!

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