tempus fugit

By ceridwen


On the way to gather mussels I stopped to give this friendly hoss a clump of grass.
The pictures of empty shelves and people with trolleys full of provisions  are disturbing but the need to store food for the future is one that has been central to human existence. Those of us who live in the country or near the coast are fortunate that we are just coming into the prime foraging season. I've already made nettle soup and added wild garlic to salads and sauces. There's been a surge of interest in the subject on social media recently.  Fermenting is another traditional (and healthy) means of food preservation.   I have jars full of sauerkraut and other lacto-fermented veggies. It's very easy to do and I'd recommend it to anyone who is concerned about foodstocks. Lots of advice online.

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