Cold Blue Tit

After the walk with Loïka, the sanctuary's female Rottweiler, this afternoon I stopped at the bench where I've photographed Mr Robin before and was able to get a few shots of him this time as well. For the first time I also managed to get some of a Blue Tit, that landed on the ground and started to peck something off a dead leaf. The quality of the Robin photos looked better on the laptop and I had a photo of Mr Robin all ready to enter but at the last moment I changed my mind for this one of the Blue Tit because the chance of getting more shots of Mr Robin another time is higher than getting other Blue Tit photos.

I learned some rather worrying news at the sanctuary this afternoon. Loïka has always been very good with me but from what I've been told she can be somewhat of a problem with other walkers when they cannot make her respect them and apparently she can also be rather possessive of her bowl sometimes when they feed her.

Loïka is going to be assessed tomorrow and at the moment Christophe from the sanctuary estimates that the result could go either way. I'm sure that she can be a great pet to someone who's willing to put in the work to train her because of the way that she behaves towards me when I'm walking her, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll do well at the assessment and she can still have a chance of getting adopted at some point instead of being put to sleep.

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