MonoMonday: Observe

Tom & I drove to the park to walk along the beach this morning & regretted we hadn't gone earlier while the sun was shining. It was a lot cooler once the clouds covered the sky. We observed these two gulls wading in the water, and other than the two of them and the two of us, the entire place was deserted. After our walk we stopped at Groppi's--the little neighborhood grocery store that's been there since 1913 & still has all its' original charm--for a gallon of milk, and found the store well-stocked with all the staples & only one guy checking out besides me. Then we went to Culver's for lunch, but opted for the drive-through, taking the food home with us to eat. Lots of people there, though, eating inside, but with Tom's precarious health we wouldn't chance it. Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting MonoMondays & hope you're all staying well! :))
P.S. Just had to share this outrageous story! Two brothers from Tennessee, at the first news of the coronavirus outbreak, went to every store they could think of in both Tennessee and part of Kentucky, buying up 18,000 containers of hand sanitizer. As the spread of the virus worsened, they opened an Amazon account and were listing the sanitizers for $70 to over $100.00 a container. Amazon saw it and closed them down, making a public statement that they will assist the Tennessee Attorney General in whatever way they can to prosecute these guys to the full extent of the law. The brothers, scared of the repercussions, "donated" all the sanitizer to a church!! Talk about a couple of rotters! I hope they send them both to jail....for a LONG time.....and have them share a cell with to a cell with someone who has the coronavirus!! Is that too harsh? .......I think not, since the clinic where Tom gets his labs drawn is having to lock the sanitizer up at night because people are trying to steal it since the stores are all out of it. 

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