Off to the supermarket in Alnwick this morning. Impossible to do a 'normal' shop, as the shelves were empty of some of the things we usually buy. Interesting to note which shelves were bare - it would seem that many people intend to dine on baked beans, spaghetti and rice with canned tomatoes, followed by tinned peached and UHT milk, washed down with vast quantities of wine (not from a bottle, but from a wine box) and cheap whisky!

We were lucky though - bought some loo roll, a pack of 9 that cost more than twice as much as the pack of 24 we usually buy. No soap on the shelves though...

In such strange, dark times it's too easy to forget that the world is still turning and that Spring is almost here. In the 'yard, there are some wood anemones in flower in one of the containers. They're my favourite flowers.

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