Tiny Tuesday...Green

A neighbour from six or seven doors up was distributing bottles of milk this morning to his elderly, vunerable neighbours ...apparently "an order was cancelled," and he had around 80 bottles to give away ......who would have thought that such an unexpected gift, could be so valued and give such pleasure..........now stored away in my freezer for emergencies.
Green for the St Patrick's Day challenge, thanks to Jensphotos for hosting.

Visited the next nearest supermarket within walking distance and got a few more things, bread being the most important, but the freezer cabinets were at least 50% empty. The store manager said there had been no delivery yesterday, and the warehouses were empty .....it made me shiver, this is really an awful situation, even if you try to order on line, there is no guarantee the company can supply.
Picked up four fat library books for the duration, and joined up with two online photography groups to keep in touch and connect with others  with a similar interest :)

Thanks as always for looking in and your comments

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