Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1937. A-Z Jewellery Macro Challenge

Olympus posted a couple of indoor challenges yesterday on Twitter, asking people to upload their indoor shots...someone did an A-Z challenge so I decided to have a go at doing an A-Z Jewellery macro challenge and see what happened.  I've had to make the images tiny to fit on to a single page but the individual shots were fine and I'm really pleased with this 60mm f2.8 macro lens that I got for Christmas.  It was fun trying to find a piece of jewellery that fitted all 26 letters of the alphabet...and a bit of poetic licence has been added for good measure.
We had to go into town this morning to pick a few bits and pieces but hubby did a food shop and said that our local Lidl store was decimated but that Aldi still had a stock of things we needed.  My youngest got called in to work a few hours early as they are obviously feeling the strain of all this panic buying.  We're just buying what we need and no more as I cannot imagine anything sillier than stockpiling stuff at the moment when supplies are quite clearly ok.  The only extra we bought today was gin as we are not doing our usual Saturday lunch out at the pub, so everyone is coming here to us and believe me with that house full , gin will be needed....

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