Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1938. Geisha Brooch

My sister in Australia bought me this beautiful Geisha brooch for my birthday this year and I absolutely love it!

I decided to continue my efforts to take at least one photo a day with my proper camera so this was the only photo I took today.

I now have a battery grip for my camera and I couldn’t work out how to use the shutter release button on it as no matter what I did it wouldn’t operate and it would have been handy when doing some photos when I turn the camera I took to my trusty mention of how to get it working...then a scroll through every single item on the menu system...but nothing.   Then I noticed a little slider on the battery grip...that said “lock” on it and I noticed that this was in the “on” position...slid it over and hey presto the button (and the other “fn” buttons) all now work!

By the time I found this, I had already taken the one shot I was doing and as I was heading into town to see my youngest I didn’t bother trying any more...but this one will do.

Got things sorted with the OU about deferring his course until October so that’s been put in place now and as soon as he hears back he can apply again for the course and start again.  Did a bit of shopping, Aldi’s was mental but no sign of panic buying as they’ve restricted every single item to no more than 4 per customer.  As we’re hosting the whole family for lunch on Saturday I bought some food for that but nothing else as we really don’t need much just now.

Our insurance claim to do with our recent trip to Lanzarote has now been approved as hubby has been out of pocket for around £1100 since the 27th January after we had to return early when our son in law died.  They are inundated of course with people making claims over the cancellation or curtailment of holidays.  We are sitting tight and waiting for Ryanair to cancel our flights to and from Poland for late April as I think they will and even if they don’t, we’re just not travelling.  Our Gran Canaria holiday is mid-May so that will probably be cancelled too....

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