Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The Lawn Ranger

Dick has returned. Every year, as sure as the Spring, he reappears and tackles the moss in our lawn. He is a superb lawn doctor and he is not happy until the lawn is at its best.

I'm hoping he will prune the roses and the raspberries, but he has his priorities.  We spoke with a good distance between us. The subject was inevitable.

It has drizzled all afternoon. Angus was wet, but very keen to crunch two Bonios and then chase a tennis ball around the garden.

I went to the shop for stamps. Otherwise I've been tidying and pottering at home with a few phone calls and emails to catch up with people. I've sent an album of Prague photos to a few folk who might enjoy looking at them over a cuppa (or something stronger)!

Waiting for the news conference later this afternoon.

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