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By Sallymair

Oh dear, what on earth will we do with these...

On Sunday at church we had a meeting about how to safely provide coffee after the service. As somebody said, the sacrament of the Eucharist is important, but tea and coffee afterwards is almost as essential for our congregational well being. We've ordered paper cups, rubber gloves and on the advice of the Bishops, we agreed we would serve individually wrapped biscuits.
Like a good little Episcopalian I went out and bought lots of the latter. Today's instruction is that churches will close for the duration. I wonder if we'll manage to dispose of all these biscuits.... somehow I don't think it will be a problem!

On a more serious note, I think this, for me, is day two of reality kicking in.

I've done all the ironing, ordered extra cat food and cat litter to make sure that Pickle and Cleo will be OK. I've blanched and frozen some carrots and veg for soup - because I'm not sure how easy veg will be to get hold of - and I've frozen a litre of milk into ice cube bags as I do like my cup of tea. I've always said in the past, that our generation is very lucky not to have had to deal with major crisis. Hopefully we will all be able to look back on this time. It's hard to know what is best to do though as guidance keeps changing.

Thank goodness for my Kindle and the fact that Spring is coming. The garden will hopefully benefit from lots of extra attention.

Keep safe everybody and thank you for dropping in on my journal. I can see blip becoming even more of a community as we stay home more.

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