By USAHIhifriends


Today, two guys armed with metal detectors were working the right side of the beach against a clift of sand.   The parking lot was mostly empty.   The air was moist with spray.  Again, I was the only one on the beach.  The waves were up and rolling and the blowhole was fountaining higher than the rock cliff behind it.   Smart that nobody was in the water, as the waves looked to be unsurfable.   Our current weather is known as a "kona low".    Here's info if you're interested.  
After about a half hour, one guy came down to go in.   And then the Wednesday guy showed up (but wait, today is Tuesday  . . .) and soon two other bodysurfers went in.   They weren't catching many waves and the current was taking them rapidly down the beach.   This shot was off to the right and I liked the horizontal-ness of these waves and the white break behind.   
Then, a huge whale breeched over on the left!  It was an incredibly beautiful sight.   Almost straight up, hung for a second or so, and then walloped down with spray vertical and horizontal.   I caught just a shot of the spray.   I waited and watched, and finally saw this head surfacing, but it never got much higher out, its body curving back into the water.   (see extra)   Just imagine its full body length out of the water!   (Don't worry, theBroon, there's still time.)

And a happy St Patrick's Day to you all!

As it's after midnite, this is techniquely  a backblip  . . .

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