Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Time for a New Camera

Yet again Nikon have come up with the goods to celebrate my 3000th Blip! This special edition camera is only available for the next 650 days so if you're nearing this milestone get one while you can.

OK, just a little bit of Photoshop nonsense to celebrate a new icon camera colour today.

It all seems so insignificant compared with the situation we find ourselves in across the world as the coronavirus pandemic takes hold.  I want to take the opportunity of this milestone not to celebrate my achievement, but to wish everyone here on Blipfoto, as well as your family and friends all the best for the coming period of uncertainty.  May you stay safe and healthy in the face of these dangers.  I know without any doubt that we here on Blipfoto will continue to support each other through the coming months.  We are, after all the friendliest place on the internet.  We've practiced social distancing for years and still maintain great friendships.

Our journals will be a uniquely understated record of how ordinary people all over the world endure and in the end triumph over this virus.  By so doing we will show just how extraordinary this community is.

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