By tondrijfhamer

New rhythm

For the third day in a row I'm developing some kind of new rhythm in these strange unreal time we're all in now.

I work in my office during the mornings in my office (no appointments, just Richard in his room and me in mine, and coffee) and around 14.00/15.00 I go home (on my bike even), have a tea with Annemarie and the boys and then work in my garden for a few hours.
Followed by dinner, a bit of TV and then I check my mail and work a little bit more.
Works great!

My garden was/is still in need of some serious gardening.
I'm pulling it out of hiberation slowly but surely with removing buckets filled with weeds. The tiles on the photo still need to be cleaned by the way. Tips for the easiest way to do that are welcome!
The cleaning vinegar is in stock and waiting to be used. Won't be long, just waiting for a sunny day.

And gardening helps closing the rings on my applewatch too!  (Two birds with one stone)

At work it is getting busier by the day with all the new regulations the government announced recently. Lots of clients are calling me with questions, so I decided to put some kind of newsletter together with the main topics in it. I sent it to all my clients this morning and immediately got some reactions. More work even.

But all this didn't keep me from gardening this afternoon. I took some me-time, it's as simple as that.

On the photo my front yard, it's rather small.
My back yard is a bit larger and is waiting for its turn. When I can keep up this tempo, I'll be in it by the weekend.

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