By Viewpoint

Camera Club Zoom meeting

Our first attempt at using Zoom to keep in touch with other camera club members.  There were six of us, which seemed the right kind of number.  We were doing OK with five but then we were hijacked by the sixth member, who arrived late and had his own agenda.  Six is about right, but if we are going to use this way of communicating then we’ll need to have someone who chairs very firmly.  I have to say I quite enjoyed not having to go out.

Earlier in the day I was tidying the wet and sodden area next to the greenhouse where all things linked to the garden dumped.  It’s been neglected for so long and the excessive rain has left things green and slimy. I didn’t quite finish but we did manage to take some items including two bags of empty plant pots to the tip (recycling centre).  It was good to see that they are recycling plant pots now.  I didn’t entirely finish the job but once it dries out I’ll have another go.

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