Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Confinement, Day 3

outside in the sun
my one tree prepares to grow
its bright green young leaves

We haven't needed to go shopping yet, so we remain very close to our house, even when we go outside: post-lunch coffee on our bench (probably knicked from a pub a long time ago, refurbished by Hervé a few years ago - there's another at his house), a short walk for Julie, and my daily exercise.

In the evening, while J. was on the phone with Brigitte, I watched a reportage show about the situation in the east of France, where the epidemic started for us after a week-long Episcopalian festival. It's a bit scary, but I remain hopeful that we'll tackle this without too much damage (ie, not too many deaths).

I'm appalled by the attitude some people display by still walking in groups, gathering on plazas etc. They think they're laughing in the face of COVID-19, but they're totally stupid: they're putting us all in danger, and at risk of a much-prolonged confinement period.


(at the very least, limit your outings to the bare necessities - I count a short stroll everyday as one, but if we take a walk, it mustn't be more than 1 or 2 km)

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